AFRISO: sustainable, long-term development of the company, increase in profitability and change of the organizational culture thanks to the CX strategy

My company has been systematically developing for many years - turnover is growing, profitability is growing - although it was not always like that. The turning point was the implementation in 2009 and subsequent years of the method offered by Janusz Kamieński from Strategy&Results.

Michał Kulicki, CEO of AFRISO

I met Janusz Kamieński in the summer of 2009, when I was looking for a new development impulse for my company. I was very impressed by his article published in the March (3/2009) issue of HBR. We dealt with the implementation of a strategy based on the Customer Experience Management methodology in the organization managed by me. I believe that the knowledge, professionalism and commitment of Janusz Kamieński contributed significantly to the success of the implementation.

Moreover, in retrospect, it seems that in our case CEM was only a pretext for deeper and more far-reaching changes. Cooperation with the consultant and his team resulted in a significant modification of the company’s culture. It also helped in the creation and effective implementation of several consecutive three-year strategic plans. The great advantage of the activities carried out was the commitment to creative work of our entire several dozen team.

The development of AFRISO over the last several years has been smooth, successfully resisting crises and market turbulences. Sales revenues are systematically growing. We are pleased to observe a continued trend of improvement in profitability ratios. We have a strong position in the market we serve. I am convinced that such positive situation and such results would not have been possible without the services provided by Janusz Kamieński and his team. To all those who care about improving the profitability and development of their company, I strongly recommend cooperation with Janusz and his consultants.

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