BR EDIPRESSE - increasing sales and share in the press market

At no additional cost, we increased our sales and market share. This immediately translated into higher margins. But not only. At the same time, we have achieved greater customer satisfaction, their loyalty and readiness to recommend.
Agnieszka Bieniek

Agnieszka Bieniek, former Sales Director of the EDIPRESSE Advertising Office

We managed to gradually increase our sales and market share without incurring additional costs. At the same time, we received very positive feedback from customers: their satisfaction with the results of cooperation with us increased significantly, which in the long run translated into loyalty and readiness to recommend us on the market. Another effect was the growing commitment of our people. Can you ask for more from one project?

Initially, we wanted to meet our challenges by organizing sales training sessions with Strategy & Results consultants. However, after Janusz Kamieński analyzed the situation, challenges and needs, it turned out that there was a different, more effective idea for achieving our business goals. Despite the already planned activities with the reservation of hotel rooms only, we decided to cancel everything and start the project using the Customer Experience Management methodology proposed by Janusz.

In the first phase of the project, Strategy & Results consultants examined what really is of value to our clients. It seemed to us that after many years of presence on the market, we already know everything about our clients. And we were right – it seemed to us. The accumulated and aggregated knowledge turned out to be much richer than our assumptions, and in some areas even surprising. We have built a strategy for generating value around this knowledge and designed a completely new formula of cooperation with customers, so that each point of contact with our brand is the best experience for them and contributes to building long-term loyalty. The matrix with customer experiences has become the starting point for defining change projects in our sales and marketing processes, as well as for the development and implementation of new standards for salespeople.

All these activities were carried out by Strategy & Results consultants in a way that involved the employees of BR EDIPRESSE. Thanks to this, we did not have to convince anyone to anything. People felt that they were working on their own. In addition, the sales managers of individual trading platforms participated in the program of developing the skills of engaging and motivating salespeople, as well as managing sales processes. The whole project strengthened BR EDIPRESSE on the market, but also increased the importance of our department in the publishing house.

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