KINGSPAN: rapid increase in profitability and market share

Wzrost rentowności i udziałów w rynku. Wdrożenia i rezultaty Strategy&Results - skutecznie zwiększamy rentowność, zaangażowanie i efektywność zespołów.

From a small Polish company that we took over in 2001, Kingspan has become – with the help of Strategy&Results consultants – a modern, well-managed and profitable company. This was evidenced by the constant development of the company, as well as the acquisition of other competitive companies on the Polish market.

innogy – strong growth in sales and customer satisfaction in all segments

skuteczne wdrożenie AGILE w Afriso przez Strategy&Results

Strategy&Results consultants helped us in many areas. At the beginning, they conducted an audit of the company’s strengths and weaknesses in customer experience management, which became the starting point for carrying out and implementing appropriate changes as part of the “Turning Customers into Fans” project.