DAFA – radical increase in profitability and market share

In just three years, we increased our profitability by 180% with an increase of turnover by 60%. All this thanks to the project "Customer Centricity", carried out with Strategy&Results consultants.

Aleksandra Sierakowska, former CEO of Interchemall (now DAFA)

In just three years, we increased our profitability by 180% with an increase of turnover by 60%. All this thanks to the project “Customer Centricity”, carried out with Strategy&Results consultants.

Our company has developed gradually over 20 years, achieving a stable market position. Even so, we suffered from too low profitability. One of the reasons for this situation was our strong focus on our own products and processes as well as a silo organizational culture, additionally strengthened by bonus systems limiting cooperation between departments. Intuition prompted the need for a transformation that would focus the attention and efforts of the company on customers.

The speech of Janusz Kamieński on the strengths and weaknesses of Polish enterprises in managing customer experiences convinced me to cooperate with Strategy & Results in this transformation. With the help of Strategy&Results consultants, we have revolutionized our way of thinking about customer segmentation. So far, we have looked at them from the perspective of the products they used, and we have noticed that we must look at them from the point of view of their needs. Then, thanks to market research, Janusz’s consultants helped us discover the factors our clients are willing to pay for. This allowed us to develop an appropriate positioning strategy for the company and design customer experiences with our brand. Interestingly, Strategy&Results consultants suggested that the process should be attended by crew representatives, not only the top management. This approach allowed to significantly increase employee engagement.

The newly designed customer experiences became the starting point for finding the profitability leverage for our company. We formulated appropriate change projects – both in the commercial and production part of our company. One of such changes was increasing the involvement of the team by… eliminating the bonus system. This move worked well, despite our initial fears.

The approach proposed by Strategy&Results, which combined the best practices of customer experience management, Lean management and the development of leadership attitudes, proved to be one hundred percent successful. It was so, even though Janusz Kamieński proposed solutions that seemed counter-intuitive to us.

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