You can improve the results of the entire company - delight your superiors, supervisory board and shareholders - no matter what area of business you are responsible for

Clients about Strategy&Results

Companies that benefited from our services increased profitability by up to 180%, sales by 100%, and production efficiency by at least 40% within 6 to 24 months of implementation

The exceptional results achieved by your specialty managers are also available to you

We have already helped over 70 companies from 17 industries

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Rosnąca rentowność firmy. CX-SPOT: metoda stałego zwiększania dochodów firmy pomimo działań konkurencji. Strategy&Results
Strategia biznesowa. Strategy&Results - skutecznie zwiększamy rentowność, zaangażowanie i efektywność zespołów.

Strategy&Results consultants

is a team of experts from completely different fields, who work together harmoniously, like an orchestra


different areas of expertise, from finance and sales, through production and logistics, to HR, marketing and Customer Experience


experts with at least several years of experience each


years of experience in joint teamwork, with dozens of projects for several different companies

How we help to improve business indicators

Each business result, regardless of the department responsible for it, depends on the coordinated efforts of the entire organization. From a coherent composition of 5 key factors

Being aware of what creates the buyers’ value today for which they want to pay with money and loyalty

Submitting business strategy to experience that customers value and wants to pay for

Optimizing business processes to provide buyers or internal customers with what creates value for them at minimal cost

Optimizing the organizational culture so as to ensure full efficiency of the staff operating within the processes subordinated to the strategy

Matching resources, including technology, to support employees’ efforts in increasing the efficiency of business processes

Pomagamy zwiększyć rentowność firmy o 180%, sprzedaż o 100%, a wydajność produkcji przynajmniej o 40% w ciągu nawet pół roku od wdrożenia metody CX-SPOT. Strategy&Results - skutecznie zwiększamy rentowność, zaangażowanie i efektywność zespołów.

If you want to focus your organization's efforts on key goals and business indicators, Stretegy&Results can help

Implementations and Results

Examples of implementations from companies that have increased their profitability and market share and concentrated the efforts of the entire team on providing customers with the experience they want to pay for with money and loyalty. Practical tips for managers who want to ensure continuous development of their companies.