Mardom: A sharp rise of efficiency and productivity despite operational challenges

The way Strategy & Results consultants work and the results we have achieved mean that I can recommend them with full responsibility to anyone who wants to permanently increase profitability, increase sales, or both.

Janusz Naglik – General Manager, Member of the Management Board

As a result of the project carried out with Strategy & Results consultants, the production efficiency increased by a very satisfying 40%! Additionally, productivity has increased significantly.

In 2018, due to new commissions, we were faced with the task of increasing efficiency, while at the same time having to increase profitability. At that time, we realized that our actions – such as the implementation of the 3rd shift – did not contribute to increasing the efficiency to the desired level. We also realized that the production planning method should improve. In addition, there were two – seemingly contradictory challenges – too large inventory levels, with constant shortages of components. And the process of retooling machines was also a challenge.

Additionally, the production team was not used to, nor was it ready to make changes. People had a lot of work to do. Due to the need to focus on operational activities, the crew was not able to introduce changes aimed at achieving the desired level of performance on their own. The team also did not have the appropriate / full qualifications for this. There was a lack of the ability of people in managerial positions to effectively manage both operational and efficiency changes in production.

In view of the above challenges, we were looking for a partner who would help us in a quick, effective and sustainable increase in efficiency. The reason was the urgent need to prepare the organization (increasing capacity) to execute the expected much larger orders. We also wanted the process to be conducted in such a way that people would like and be able to engage in the development, implementation and consolidation of changes. We could not afford any failure, as it would have too big consequences (waste of time, budget and morale of the crew, and the inability to carry out much larger orders). We turned to Strategy&Results consultants with these challenges.

Andrzej Kaniewski and Janusz Kamieński have carried out a project for us combining Lean Management and the development of leadership skills and attitudes. In the first stage of cooperation, we quickly achieved a stabilization of production processes, so that it became clear to us how much efficiency would increase with a certain increase in resources, and the need to engage temporary workers during the seasonal peak period was reduced. Subsequently, a lot of changes in production were developed and implemented, which gave us the opportunity to manage the improvement process. The competences of the staff management were also built towards independence and involvement of the crew in developing and implementing changes literally every day.

The way Strategy&Results consultants work, and the results we have achieved, mean that I can recommend them with full responsibility to anyone who wants to permanently increase profitability, increase sales, or both.

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